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Verify Status of Titles

This search will return claims that have been refuted or validated. If a title you are looking for does not return a finding then it has not yet been submitted for our review.

Records can be searched using two methods.

The first is using the National Feudal Register and Archive Registry Number (NFRA Reg. No.) in the following format: HXXXXXXX-XX.

The second method is using the location name of the title in question. For example “Lord of Location”; “Lord of Location Manor”; or “Baron of Location” where “location” is replaced with the title’s place of origin.


A return of a “refuted” status denotes that the NFRA has assessed the claim to the title and has found it to be unsubstantiated or unsupported by available evidence. We would consider a┬árefuted claim to be sufficient evidence to state that the titleholder in question is not the legal owner of the property or deed in question.

If you require assistance or would like to request a manual search please contact the Head Archivist at

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