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We validate incorporeal Manorial Title Rights claims through our rigorous research within U.K.’s National Archives, University Records, H.M. Land Registry, and Peerage sources.

We extend our assistance to solicitors, hereditary claimants, operational staff from H.M. Services, College of Arms, as well as researchers in documenting, establishing, and confirming ownership claims relating to the titles of Lord of the Manor and Feudal Baronies.

Our purpose stems from the increasing occurrences of fraud related to feudal titles and the need for an objective mechanism to evaluate and record their status and validity. We verify the legitimacy of Lordship Titles and Baron/Baroness Titles for legal, valuation, and ownership purposes. We take great pride in our mission and are wholly dedicated to delivering outstanding results.

We are a cohort of historians, scholars, and archivists united in our mission to safeguard the dignity and authenticity of esteemed and historic feudal manorial titles. Refusing remuneration and profit, we acknowledge the peril that faces our heritage, with a lack of verifiable and impartial record-keeping threatening its integrity. As volunteer devotees of Britain’s ancestral legacy, we are resolute in our commitment.


This search will return claims that have been refuted and validated. If a title you are looking for does not return a finding then it has not yet been submitted for our review.

We do not actively make public our findings. We have determined that there is an opportunity for abuse if our determinations are publicized.  Instead, we chose to have a closed search engine where users can directly inquire about the status of a particular title. We feel this protects the integrity of our efforts and ensures that no undue distress should come to individuals inquiring about a particular title.


We use a rigorous assessment and validation process to ensure the validity of a feudal title claim and then subsequently record that title in a published archive, which is then in turn submitted to The National Archive. The steps are as follows:

STEP ONE: The applicant submits a Manorial Title Validation Application to the NFRA along with supporting documentation.

STEP TWO: The NFRA assigns the application to one of our seven teams of multidisciplinary researchers located throughout the UK.

STEP THREE: The NFRA Research Team carries out an initial assessment and may request further artefacts or data if necessary.

Step Four: The team then conducts a thorough validation of the claim using the available resources.

Step Five: The findings of the team’s review are submitted to the NFRA Senior Research Council for a final determination.

Step Six: The applicant is then notified of the outcome, and a Notice of Finding is also posted in the NFRA Register.

The NFRA Senior Research Council decision is final and cannot be appealed or resubmitted. It is of utmost importance that the applicant provides all necessary information during the initial application stage.

We offer our services gratis, providing our time and expertise on a voluntary basis as we believe in upholding the integrity of our feudal history.

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